50 Years On: New Readings of Adorno

at Work
December 5th/6th 2019

At the Adorno Conference in Frankfurt 2003 Axel Honneth spoke of a „dramatic departure“ from Adorno’s theory and lamented the lack of a „vital, exciting research milieu”. This is no longer the case today. New readings of Adorno made his thoughts fruitful for contemporary systematic debates.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Adorno’s death in 2019, we organized an international workshop that brought together representatives of these new readings. Together we discussed how, by going back to Adorno, we can deepen contemporary debates in the philosophy of language, moral and social philosophy.

With our workshop we attempted to follow Adorno’s example by connecting topics of social philosophy with epistemological and aesthetic questions. In this way, we not only wanted to do justice to the complexity of Adorno’s thinking, but also to counteract the constrictions of an increasingly specialized philosophical landscape.

With contributions from Jay Bernstein, Julia Christ, Fabian Freyenhagen, Katia Genel, Agnès Grivaux, Antonia Hofstätter, Philip Hogh, Bastian Ronge, Arvi Särkelä.

50 Years On: New Readings of Adorno