Focus of the year

Structures of Domination

Domination has many faces. So many that it becomes dubious what connects all these instances in which humans dominate, oppress, exploit, subjugate, disrespect, humiliate, discriminate against (and the list could go on and on) other human beings. The concrete engagement with the various forms of domination has helped society to recognize them and to strengthen the struggles against them. However, these concrete engagements provided no answer to the connection and relation of all the various forms. Today, attempts to bracket all the experiences of domination, oppression, etc. are rather abstract and lifeless. They are in particular unable to grasp the contrary forces that hinder the struggles against different forms of domination to unite in one great stream that washes away domination as such.

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2022/23 – Theoretical Perspectives on Social Transformation

Our research focus for the upcoming academic year is “Theoretical Perspectives on Social Transformation”. We aim at an understanding of how crises drive transformation processes, the role of social actors in such processes and, last but not least, the conceptual tools such actors have at their hands for thinking radical change.

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