Podcast 4 – Critical Philosophy of race | Robin Celikates im Gespräch mit Kristina Lepold und Marina Martinez Mateo

February 21, 2022

In this episode, Robin Celikates speaks with Kristina Lepold and Marina Martinez Mateo about the aspirations and goals of the reader they have edited on the topic of “Critical Philosophy of Race.”

In addition to a comprehensive and instructive introduction by the editors, the volume gathers a selection of relevant texts from this still young discipline in order to make them accessible to a German-speaking audience, some of them in their first German translations.

The discussion addresses important questions concerning the analysis and critique of racism: what contribution can philosophy make to the conceptualization of racism? What understandings of racism can be distinguished and what strategies for combating it can be derived from them? What difficulties and challenges exist for the transfer of the U.S. discussion and its categories to the European and German context? And what implications can – and should – the Critical Philosophy of Race have specifically for Critical Theory?

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