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Since 2017, we at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin have organized a yearly international summer school in collaboration with the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research.
Each of these summer schoolstakes up a topic which is central to Critical Theory, politically relevant and systematically promising. In addressing its themes, the summer school confronts the approaches specific to a Critical Theory of society in the Frankfurt School tradition with conceptually and methodologically different perspectives.

The format mixes elements of workshops with text-based, advanced seminars. Over the course of one week, young researchers, graduate students and senior scholars jointly discuss new systematic perspectives and “classic” texts from the Critical Theory corpus. A series of public round-tables channels and sharpens the preceding exchange.

The Summer School 2020 will be on “Solidarity”. More Information will follow soon and the Call for Applications will be published early 2020.



The Call for Participation to the Summer School 2020 on “Solidarity” will be published here soon. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive the CfP directly via e-mail. For questions regarding the application and selection process, please consult our FAQs.


How can I apply?

We will publish the CfP in the beginning of 2020. If you wish to receive it directly via e-mail, please subscribe to our Newsletter. In order to apply, you will have to submit your CV, as well as a precis (max. 1 page), describing your take on the core questions presented in the CfP. The application deadline is March 15th 2020.


The Call for Participation is targeted at PhD students and Junior Scholars. Can I apply as a MA-Student or as a Post-doc?

Yes, as an MA student or as a more senior post-doc you may apply as well. But please note that we prioritise applications from PhD students and early post-docs in the selection process.


May I submit my application in German?

No, please submit your precis and your C.V. only in English.


May I submit a chapter of my book or my dissertation?

No. Please send us a precis of max. 1 page, describing your take on core concerns of the Summer School’s topic. Your precis should also have a meaningful title.


When will I be informed if my application was successful?

We process the applications as quickly as possible and will get back to you in the beginning of April 2020.


How do you select the participants? What are the criteria?

Besides looking for the most interesting and fitting approaches to the summer school’s central questions, we try to achieve a certain geographical and topical balance, and we give precedence to applications from PhD students and early post-docs over more junior and senior ones. Amongst applications ranked equally, we prefer those scholars which have not attended the Critical Theory Summer School the year before, since it seems fair to give the chance to participate to as many individuals as possible.

Even though we try to make the selection process as transparent as possible, it may happen that the mentioned criteria apply to you but you are not admitted to the Summer School. This is due to the fact that we usually receive a lot more applications than we can accept.


Are there participation fees for the Summer School?

No, the participation is free.


Where can I find information on the past Summer Schools?

You can find CfPs, programmes, and summaries of the final discussions of each Summer School in our archive.

International Summer School Critical Theory 2020. Solidarity.