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  • Research Center PoliTeSse Politics and Theories of Sexuality, Department of Human Sciences University of Verona

Eva was a research associate at the chair for practical philosophy (social philosophy and the philosophy of law) at Humboldt University Berlin since 2009 and each semester teaches around 80 students there.

Her research interests are situated at the intersection of critical theory and feminist philosophy, focusing on the following topics:

  • history, revolution and social change
  • social theory (esp. notions of practice, structure and power)
  • gender and sexuality; needs, care; feminist utopias and relationalities.
  • property and propertization

Eva studied Philosophy, History and Literature in Kiel, Tübingen, Cambridge, and Potsdam. In 2013/14 she was a visiting PhD student at the University of Cambridge (supervised by Raymond Geuss). She defended her PhD in Juli 2015 (“Metalepsis and Revolution. A performative practice theory of social change”). The subsequent semester (fall ’15) she spent as Heuss lecturer at the New School, New York.

As a side interest, Eva pursues methodological interests to do with digital humanities and automated discourse analysis. She also speaks regularly at non-acadmic venues, most often on solidarity (as, for instance, at the upcoming re:publica in tandem with Margarete Stokowski).

A complete list of publications can be found here.


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